Find Pneumonia Sooner

Governments and partners are mobilizing to prevent children from ever getting pneumonia, and to protect and treat children who do get pneumonia from catastrophic outcomes.


Earlier diagnosis is among the most impactful opportunities to combat pneumonia. Before now, few reliable tools were available to support families and health workers in this quest.

Number of children that die every minute from pneumonia
Number of countries where nearly 90 percent of childhood pneumonia deaths occur
Number of different root causes of pneumonia in children

Pneumonia is the #1 killer of children under 5 years old.

Nearly 90% of childhood pneumonia deaths occur in just 10 countries, among those three that are on the front lines of combating pneumonia


In Ethiopia, pneumonia is the leading single disease killing children under five. It is estimated that 3,370,000 children encounter pneumonia annually which contributes to 17 percent ( newborns 7,360) of all causes of deaths killing nearly 32,000 under-five children every year (UNICEF). The Federal Ministry of Health has prioritized the deployment of new technologies to improve early diagnosis, referrals and timely treatment for childhood pneumonia.


In Nigeria, approximately 127,500 children 17% (newborns 2,550) under the age of 5 died of pneumonia in 2015 (UNICEF).
Nigeria’s First Lady and other public health leaders have spearheaded a coordinated campaign – including increased access to medical technologies – to save 5.3M lives from pneumonia over the next 15 years.


About 44% of pneumonia cases worldwide are from India, leading the chart for pneumonia incidence and mortality in the under-five age group (180,150 children 15%) of which 36,000 are newborns. Public health leaders have elevated policies and funds to improve access to vaccines, antibiotics, reliable oxygen sources and medical devices to combat childhood pneumonia.

As the leading infectious disease killer of children under five worldwide...

pneumonia is claiming the lives of an estimated 950,000 children under five every year; two children every minute - more children than malaria, TB, measles, and AIDS combined. Despite causing 16% of all child deaths, pneumonia receives little attention and only a fraction of global public health investment - less than 2% of total global development funding for health. Ethiopia and the governments of all 193 UN member states have endorsed the ambitious UN Sustainable Development Goal to end preventable child deaths by 2030. Immediate and specific actions are required to demonstrate accountability in fulfilling this commitment.

Among those actions: mobilization and deployment of medical technologies and resources to support earlier diagnosis.

While tremendous strides have been made in distribution of vaccines, more needs to be done to address the timeliness of diagnosis to appropriately triage, treat and refer babies and children with pneumonia.